Decorative spheres


You could get a set of these from Target, Overstock or online site that sells home decor BUT doing it yourself is pretty fun, really cheap and super easy.

And you can personalize this project to match your place. Scroll down to get the details.

This is what you need:

  • Clear vinyl tubing
  • Decorative detail- spray paint, rope, metal accents
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliable wire


First, cut six pieces of tubing. I cut mine about 6 inches each.

Thread wire through the tubing. Cut extra wire but make sure to leave wire on each side for tying it all together (1-2 inches is plenty).


Start tying the first circle together. Then add the second circle (should  look like an X from the top and bottom of the sphere like the picture below.



My sphere has three circles but you can vary the design and add a fourth circle if you want!

To cover all the wire and really bind the piece together add hot glue where to the top and bottom of the sphere (where the tubes meet).


Now for the really fun part- spray paint the shit out of ’em.


The finished product-


In case you a metallic sphere doesn’t really go with your home decor here are some other ideas:


Nautical Sphere: Same steps as above but instead of spray paint wrap rope or twine around the tubing (hot glue along the way).

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