Bling for your house plants

These gold geometric objects are great for table or window decor. Below are the directions for a super basic triangle shape but feel free to put your own spin on it.

Here’s what you need:

  • Malleable Wire
  • Any type of straws (reusable plastic, paper, regular plastic)
  • Metallic Spray Paint
  • Scissors


Let’s get started. Lay out your straws and give them a good coat of paint.

*you can also wait to spray the entire object at the end


Now take three of those straws and thread wire through all three. Then bend the wire so that you end up with a triangle.


Tie of the end.


Take that triangle and add three more straws. Make sure each straw has enough extra wire on each side to tie it all together.

Notice below that I added glue where the ends meet. I suggest  not adding glue. I think the triangles looked better without.

ANYWAY-Give it another coat of paint.


Stick a house plant inside and enjoy!


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