Felt Message Board


I’m really excited about this project. You have probably noticed these guys popping up pretty much everywhere. My older sister is using one for my nephew’s first day of school picture (you know the one where mom’s are finding something that the kid wears or holds in every photo, every year, for like ever).

Anyway, here’s what you need:

  • 9″ X 11″ frame- you’ll need a picture frame with a bit of depth to fit all the stuff inside
  • 36″ x 12″ piece of black felt
  • Quantity 36 -3/16 inch thick SQUARE wood dowels 12″ long.
  • 1″ White plastic letters (I ordered mine on Amazon- here)
  • Pencil?
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft knife


Cut the wood dowels- Let the frame backing be your guide for shape and cuts.

  • Quantity 2: 10-15/16″
  • Quantity 34: 8-15/16




Check and make sure the dowels are long enough to work in your frame.


Next build a simple rectangle (the two longer dowels as the long side). Lay out the shorter dowels onto the longer dowel frame- try to get them spaced 1/8″ apart. Continue to check spacing throughout all the steps. If the spaces aren’t right the letters will not fit or alternatively, not sit.

Once you have the spacing down, you can start gluing the shorter dowels to the dowel frame. Keep the picture frame backing and your dowel frame separate. Don’t glue together.


Now start tucking the felt between the bars. Begin at one end of the frame. Use a ruler to tuck the fabric into the slats. Hold down the slats as you go so the felt doesn’t pull out as you move.

Test your letters and make sure they hold. If the spacing is good, flip the frame over and trim the access fabric and add hot glue to the dowels and felt.


You’re almost to the finish line- put your felt frame into the picture frame and add the frame backing. Swivel as many of the clips as will fit into place (it’s okay if it’s only the top and bottom swivels). If the two side clips don’t fit you can bend them back and forth until they break off.

Add a message and go crazy!


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