The Wrap Choker

Chokers are everywhere. I decide to make TWO different chokers . First I’ll show you how to make a wrap choker and then I’ll show you how to make simple velvet choker (check out the next blog post for the details). ALL SUPPLIES COST LESS THAN $10. Just thought you should know that upfront










Here is what you will need:img_6857

  • Velvet cord
  • Gold/Silver -colored tips (I got tips for a bolo tie)
  • Superglue or Jewelry glue
  • A toothpick or small stick for spreading the glue
  • Scissors




Measure the cord around your neck, tie it up and double check the length is where you want it. Using the toothpick, spread the glue inside the gold tips.

Insert the cord into the tips- you may need to push the cord in using another toothpick. Let dry and ta-da you have yourself a new necklace.