Rope Basket

I have noticed how great a simple rope basket is for laundry, magazines, or the crap you want to hide when your guests come over. Target has a bunch of options if you are not looking to make one but I was looking for a navy combo that I couldn’t find anywhere.


So I thought give a DIY rope basket a go. During the planning phase, I considered doing a no sew basket that required pretty much rope and hot glue. The results look great but I’m not convinced the basket holds together.

This is my version a little bit of glue combined with some sewing.

Here is what you need:

  • Natural Cotton Piping- 25 yards
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Basket or bin to use as mold
  • Needle and thread in desired color

Let’s start with the base. Coil the rope in your desired shape, gluing along the way.


After you have that part put together add some stitches throughout.

Then begin coiling the rest of the basket. Again, gluing along the way. Stop every so often to sew reinforcements so you don’t have to awkwardly reach in and poke around once the basket is basically done.




For the last two or three layers do not glue or sew the sides. Leave a gap. These will be your handles.

Finish the top layer with a generous amount of glue.


Congrats-now you have a beautiful decorative basket!

Copper Ladder

This copper ladder is perfect for hanging stuff on. If you don’t have throws in your living room, this baby can be used for jewelry, belts and other accessories. Here we go.

Here’s what you need:

  • (14) 12″ pieces of 3/4 inch copper pipe
    • I also purchased a brass cutter (less than $10) so I could buy longer copper pieces and cut them down to size
  • (12) 3/4 inch copper pressure tees
  • (4) 3/4 inch copper tube caps
  • Epoxy- I used Oatey Fix it Stick Epoxy Putty

Once you have all your supplies connect your copper tees to the copper pipe pieces. Use the epoxy to reinforce the joints and remember to use gloves when working with epoxy. Start assembling your ladder.


Super simple and way cheaper than getting it from Urban Outfitters or Target. Enjoy!